PDR Tools: Things You Should Know About Before Purchasing

19 May 2013

PDR tools are expensive. In fact, you may have found this post because you are looking for some PDR tools buying guides that can help you decide which PDR brands to buy and those to avoid. Well, we may be able to provide you some assistance but unfortunately, there is no single, comprehensive Paintless Dent Removal Tools buying guide in the market that discusses all the information every dent technician requires. Although, this article will not be as comprehensive as a book, our aim is to provide you with basic, but meaty information that will assist you in determining the quality of the tools before you purchase them.

Do Your Own Research

Make it a standard to conduct your own research about the tools you are planning to buy. This way, you have first-hand knowledge about the products, including its manufacturer and the materials that were used to build it. Never trust any online PDR tools reviews unless you know who wrote the material or you absolutely trust the source of the information. Remember, these things can be manipulated.

Only Buy From Reputable Companies

Once you have conducted your research about the PDR tools you ought to buy, it’s time to decide where to buy these from. My advice to you is, to only buy these tools from reputable companies who have been in the industry for many years. There’s nothing wrong with buying the tools from small time resellers, but with the increasing rate of fly by night businesses who claim to specialise in this sector, I doubt if you want to gamble your expensive purchase with them.

Refer to Your Training Resources

If you are a new dent technician or shop looking to buy dent tools and are unsure about the tools to purchase, refer to your trainer or your training materials. In most scenarios, PDR trainers have an extensive background with years and years of experience with using these tools and buying this stuff (if they don’t, then you’ve been ripped off). Leverage these valuable resources to your advantage.

It All Depends on You

It may be called something else, but I’m going to use the word instinct. Since these PDR tools are for you to use and assuming you’ve done your homework, the final decision on which one to buy relies on you. The PDR tips above are for your guidance and are there to assist you. Here, we will not argue what are PDR tools made of and which ones suit your needs the best, because the former is for you to decide, while the latter is a common knowledge among dent technicians.

The Dent Shop Solution

The Dent Shop has been in the business for many years and has constantly provided high quality, competitively priced PDR tools in the Australian market. Our products are the top choice of premier dent repairers in Australia. Remember you get what you pay for and my entire philosophy in setting up this business was to give Australia access to the highest quality tools and training within the industry. You will not find cheap, nasty copies of PDR tools that break and bend with us. To learn more about the quality products and training materials we offer visit this page.

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