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28 May 2013

In this week’s featured post we will answer some of the most asked questions clients ask their dent technicians. To make this post more interesting, we will also answer some questions for those who are interested in becoming a technician.

How to Remove Dents from Car Doors

Being in the PDR industry almost a decade now, I’ve heard this question a lot of times “Is there a single most effective way of removing dents from car doors?” And my usual answer is, no. As we all know, this depends on how big the dents are, where they are located and their depth and if there has been any type of damage to the paintwork. What many vehicle owners do not understand is the fact that there is no single effective way of fixing dents and dings on car panels. Sad to say, even the most experienced PDR master can’t fix all dents. With this said, it is our duty as dent professionals to clarify and provide rightful information to our customers.

Why can’t PDR fix all types of dents?

Not all dents can be fixed through PDR, because the techniques used involves the process of meticulously “massaging” a dented metal back to its original form without the need to repaint. This is especially true in instances where dents feature sharp creases, cracked and damaged paint. In paintless dent repair, specialized dent tools are used without the need for fillers, sandpaper, paint and primers. Each dent is meticulously massaged out using professional dent tools and often dents that require paintwork, are too deep or large, or cannot be accessed by paintless dent repair (PDR) tools cannot be repaired using the our method.

How Profitable is it if I become a PDR technician?

This question is interesting because the marketplace evolves every year and it depends on your level of experience and how much work you put into getting your business up and running.To give you an idea, some of my PDR colleagues charge around $80 for a 5-10 cent coin size sized dent, but of course this will highly depend on where the dent is and it’s depth (remember some dent areas are hard to work on.) Also, your profitability highly depends on the kind of service you’ll provide your clients. If you constantly, provide high quality service, your business will be known therefore giving you more clients to work with. If you work for somebody else’s business, you can expect that your profits becomes more limited compared to running your own dent removal business, but a wage is a consistent income, so it depends on what is important to you. There are so many variarnts to this question, it would need an entire post on its own!

Can anyone become a dent technician?

Yes. Absolutely, as long as you go through proper training, you can become a dent technician. Although take note that not all PDR training will provide you with everything you need. This is something you must understand from the beginning. Your trainers will provide you with the information you need, but it’s up to you to become a successful dent technician, through practice and dedication and more PRACTICE!!!

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