Other Tools

  • 1/4'' x 4'' Push Tool

    This 1/4'' diameter by 4'' long push tool is great for repairing under braces, through factory holes and in open areas. It is made of spring steel and has flat rounded tip.NB - Comes ...

  • 3/4'' x 5'' Whale Tail

    This 3/4'' wide hammer-forged head by 5'' long whale tail is great for repairing dents under tight braces. Designed in the shape of a whale's tail, it is made of spring steel and has ...

  • 5/16'' x 24'' Door Tool

    This 5/16'' diameter shaft by 24'' long door tool is perfect for repairing dents in doors. Its tip length is 4" and is shaped to a right angle. It is made from spring steel, ...