Tips on Marketing Your PDR Business

18 May 2013

If you have finally decided to pursue your PDR business, you are in the right place. Let’s for a second walk away from the technicalities of PDR tools, training and let’s talk about marketing your business. If you have been in this industry for a while and have noticed a decline in your client numbers, maybe you should re-evaluate your marketing strategy. Below are some tips to improve your marketing strategies to attract new and retain current clients.

Has the quality of your work diminished?

Three words: Word of Mouth. Before anything else, ask yourself this question. Has the quality of your PDR services diminished? The quality of your work may have retained its quality, but if you have a couple of dent technicians working under your business, do they all having the same quality standards? Most often, the decline in the number of clients is dictated by the quality of work a business provides. If your client decline is because of this, you will have to address this issue first.

Are you found online?

Things have changed. When was the last time you used your yellow pages, assuming you still have one? Times have changed and as a businessperson, you must adjust to these changes if your PDR business is to stay as competitive as it was. Let me tell you an open secret, people who are looking for your services do it online via Google, Bing or Yahoo Search. Is your business found online? Is your business’ phone number publicly listed in an online business directory? How do you communicate with your old and new clients? Do you have a “fan page” where possible clients can message you directly for information? The bottom-line here is, you may have to rethink your online presence if you still haven’t done so. It’s time to move with the times and not get left behind.

Stay Competitive What you learnt ten years ago, cannot be cost effective anymore. To stay competitive and provide your clients with high quality but low cost effective PDR services, you will need to constantly update both your knowledge and PDR tools. If you do this, you will provide your clients high quality work and still offer something to them that’s cost effective enough to be attractive.

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