Recently Added

  • Perfect A Dent Small Group Training

    The Dent Shop holds small group training of 2-6 people for a reduced price by a world-renowned trainer and one of the best technicians in the PDR industry, Joel Knott. This 8-module, 2-week course ...

  • SKB Tool Storage Box/Case

    This SKB double quad case is perfect for transporting all of your PDR tools and accessories around in one tidy package. It can even fit the your lighting system inside! A must for all ...

  • Spatula

    This 30cm straight spatula is great for getting underneath and removing head liners that have been glued in, without damaging the vehicle's head liner itself.

  • Suction Board & Light

    White reflector board with Loc Line, and suction cup base. New 21cm x 30cm board covers a larger area.

  • Portable 12V Mini Light

    Standard 12-volt fluorescent light has new, sleek fixture.  Comes with 10cm suction cup base. Great for placing on any panel as you work.

  • Black Bonnet Stand

    Great to hold any vehicle's bonnet steadily, and allows access from any angle. Use our rope ratchets to tie the bonnet down and reduce movement to a minimum.

  • HAIL.COM 10 Day DVD Training System

    This comprehensive DVD series covers everything that we do in our small group training, but you have the added advantage of being able to watch and learn from the DVDs over and over again. ...

  • Kneeling Pad

    Designed with your comfort and protection in mind, this simple pad will be your knee’s best friend while you are working on sides! This kneeling pad is double the thickness of many standard knee ...

  • 3/4'' Hole Plugs

    These OEM-style plugs come in packs of 50 and are an excellent choice for covering that unsightly hole, whilst camouflaging it to look like factory.

  • THE DENT SHOP Hot Glue Gun

    This 12V hot glue gun is perfect and simple. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter of the car you are working on and begin using it. With a 2m cord it is easy ...