HAIL.COM 10 Day DVD Training System

This comprehensive DVD series covers everything that we do in our small group training, but you have the added advantage of being able to watch and learn from the DVDs over and over again. Learn about pushing and pulling dents on all major panels of the car, as well as some tricks of the trade.

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The training system includes:

  • 1 x Day 1 DVD (Introduction to PDR & Finding Your Tip)
  • 1 x Day 2 DVD (Dent Pushing Top Panels)
  • 1 x Day 3 DVD (Dent Pushing Side Panels)
  • 1 x Day 4 DVD (Dent Pushing Difficult Panels)
  • 1 x Day 5 DVD (Glue Pulling Top Panels)
  • 1 x Day 6 DVD (Glue Pulling Side Panels)
  • 1 x Day 7 DVD (Glue Pulling Difficult Panels)
  • 1 x Day 8 DVD (Good Practice, Review, More Help)

These DVDs have been professionally made and produced and are of the highest quality not only in presentation, but more important information, that you will find anywhere in the world for paintless dent repair.