PDR Glue Pulling Tools for the Newbie PDR Technician

9 June 2013

As you already know there are two main types of PDR techniques used to repair dents and they are;

  1. Dent pushing – Pushing the dent out from behind the panel;
  2. Glue pulling – Pulling the dent out from the front of the panel.

Both are equally useful, and dependant on the dent’s depth, position and size determines which technique is best for the situation, but for today we will discuss some glue pulling tools that will be of benefit to your PDR work.

Tools Before we get started, you should probably know which tools will help you do your glue pulling work more efficiently and effectively. Below are just some of the tools you will need - (please note that the options you undertake are dependent on how you were taught and what you feel more comfortable using).

• Slide Hammer – This tool is the most common and one of the most useful when it comes to PDR Glue pulling. They do come in two sizes, 3 lb. (mini) and 5 lb (standard). Slide hammers are the most universal option, as they can be used to repair dents of all sizes, big and small, and provide the user with more control than some of the other options on the market. If you are looking for a glue pulling tool which you can learn and practice with, this one should be your top choice. All professional dent technicians have and love this tool because of its strength in removing the dent, its flexibility to be used on almost any panels, whether the dents are on the sides, rear, top or cant rails. The weight of the hammer on the tool gives the user control over the level of strength they need to use to remove the dent and is also confined to only affecting the area where you place the glue tab. Purchase a good quality one and it should last your entire PDR career and be your favourite glue pulling helper! • Mini Lifter – This tool is light weight and is good to use on smaller dents and creases created by hail storms. Best for jobs that need a quick but powerful “pull”. These tools can create more problems than they fix if you are not careful, as the feet that are placed on the panel can sometimes cause two large and shallow dents while you are pulling out the dent you are working on. Be careful is my warning for the mini lifter. They can be useful, especially for smaller dents or one off dings, just be very careful! • T-Puller – We do not stock these and I have not had any experience using them, but from what I have seen they appear to be a cross between a slide hammer and mini lifter. Small like the mini lifter and with the slide hammer section… I imagine these would be good for controlling the dent removal without creating more damage, however the smaller hammer section would limit the power you would be able to leverage from it.

There you have it – a basic overview of major glue pulling tools on the market at present. As always, I would like to suggest you use quality made products that are individually made and customized for the paintless dent repair industry, like ours of USA-made slide hammers for your glue pulling work. Buying a quality tool will save you from lots of time lost trying to repair with cheaper items that are on the market and make you life much easier. Not to mention they will last much, MUCH longer! However, if you already have other tools available and you’re comfortable in using those then you don’t need to get the tools I have mentioned. But, like most seasoned PDR techs out there “The more PDR tools you have the better!” and the better the quality, the faster you can work, so the more jobs you can get done! 

Now, if you feel you really need the tools mentioned above (of which I suggest you should get the slide hammer as it is a must have in the professional PDR tech kit), try it out first. Borrow a friend’s and this way, you can get a “feel” for these tools, especially if you have already been using other PDR tools in the past. If you are looking for accessories and other PDR supplies, visit our store and choose from the highest quality Australian-made and American PDR tools and accessories on the market.

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