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  • SKB Tool Storage Box/Case

    This SKB double quad case is perfect for transporting all of your PDR tools and accessories around in one tidy package. It can even fit the your lighting system inside! A must for all ...

  • Soft Knockdown Hammer

    This hammer goes hand in hand with our tappers and is loved worldwide by PDR technicians because of its suppleness and quietness.

  • Spatula

    This 30cm straight spatula is great for getting underneath and removing head liners that have been glued in, without damaging the vehicle's head liner itself.

  • Suction Board & Light

    White reflector board with Loc Line, and suction cup base. New 21cm x 30cm board covers a larger area.

  • THE DENT SHOP - Tapper Short (Fine)

    This Aussie made product is our most popular tapper and is fantastic for tapping both accurately and more intricate areas.

  • THE DENT SHOP Black Glue

    This is a fantastic universal glue. It is our most commonly used glue as it works best in all temperatures. They come in a bundle of 10 sticks.

  • THE DENT SHOP Complete PDR Tool and Accessory Kit

    This complete PDR tool and accessory kit is one of our most popular items. It has been designed to include EVERY TOOL and ACCESSORY you need to get started dent pushing and glue pulling ...

  • THE DENT SHOP Door Hanger

    Our door hanger is great for any size turret and adjusts to suit all door frames.

  • THE DENT SHOP Glue Pulling Kit

    This glue pulling kit is one of our biggest selling items. With everything you need to start glue pulling dents, this kit comes complete with:
    1 x TDS-GT1 (Small Glue Tabs - Pack of ...

  • THE DENT SHOP Glue Tabs - Large (27mm)

    By far the strongest holding glue tabs on the market. They come in a pack of 10. You won't be disappointed!