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Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am passionate about providing you with the very best dent tools at the very best prices. The Dent Shop is number 1 in dent tools and training because we are here to serve you. Whether you are looking for Dent Tools and Products, Training or Money Making opportunities in the PDR industry, you are in the right place.

Dent Tools for the Paintless Dent Masters

When it comes to paintless dent removal, the dent tools that you use make a big difference. The top performers in the PDR industry, the true masters of the art, use the best dent tools. They don't try to save money by purchasing cheap dent tools. While opting for cheaper products and dent tools may save you a few dollars today, chances are it will cost you money in the long term.and potentially lots of it.

The Master vs The Dabbler

The master paintless dent repairer invests in good quality, long lasting dent tools which will go the distance and get the job done to perfection every time.

The Masters Make All the Money

Just like any business, the top 20% of people in the dent removal game will make 80% of the money. The top 20% are the masters of the trade. The masters get the best jobs and get all the referrals. Whether you are a smash repairer, run your own PDR business or are a complete novice, you are in a referral business and most of your future business will come from referrals if you do your job properly. While the master dominates the market, the rest of the dabblers scrap away, day after day trying to make ends meet trying to chase down $50 jobs. Trust me from personal experience, you want to be a master of this trade.

The Best Dent Tools, from around the world at the Best Prices

I have painstakingly used every single product on the market, comparing, contrasting their performance to find the best of the best so that you don't have to. Trust me on something, you may be able to shop around and save $50 on a tool, but you can never be certain how much that $50 saving will actually cost you in the long term. We are in a business of millimetres. A master holds a higher standard than the rest of his peers. A master strives for perfection and demands more from himself and his tools than anyone else could possibly imagine and that's why he gets all the rewards.

That is why the masters of the PDR game shop at The Dent Shop. The best brands, finest dent tools from around the world, at the best prices and all the training, support and assistance you need to become a master of the trade. So, thanks for visiting.

Sue English, I am here to make you # 1 PDR in your market.