Things you should know About before Starting Your PDR Career

17 May 2013

Many individuals who are planning on starting their PDR careers think that getting in to the business is relatively easy. Many think that once they finish their PDR training, money will just flood into their bank accounts. Unfortunately, this is only true for a handful of individuals and not for everyone. To become really successful in this industry, you have to know some things that most insiders won’t tell you about, but I’ll reveal here.

Setting Your Expectations My goal in writing this post is to set your expectations and give you an idea of what you are getting into. Don’t get me wrong, the PDR business is a flourishing industry. I have witnessed many success stories first hand, unfortunately, there were horror stories too and believe me when I say horror stories, I only exaggerate a little.

To be successful in this industry you will need a lot of patience (tonnes), practice and time to learn. If you have these, you will be successful, although a little bit of talent wouldn’t hurt in making things easier for you. Okay, let’s start listing the things you’ll need to be successful in this industry.

Do you have Proper Training? In my line of work, I have travelled the world and country and had the opportunity to speak with some master dent technicians and I have also had the chance to see the quality of work most of them provide. Among these conversations, I’ve noticed that most of the guys who provide great quality of work went through PDR training that was provided by veteran trainers. Many of them also had to learn before training was around and believe me, they learnt the long, hard way to be excellent at pushing dents. So, what am I saying here? I am trying to point out that success is mostly dictated by the type of training you go through and listening to your trainers very well. With this in mind, it is understandable that anyone who wants to be successful in this industry (or any industry for that matter) must invest in their training.

Keen Eye for Details To be successful in this industry you must train your eyes to become capable of seeing even the smallest details. Learning to “play” with your light sources is a contributing factor here and this is where you use what you will have learnt during your training. I am notorious for pointing out dents to my husband, family and friends cars as I walk past them, and even after I point it out often cannot see the dent. Being able to see dents is extremely important and the first step in PDR!

Learn Your Tools Paintless dent repair tools are your friend. Learn how to use these tools and your success rate will definitely shoot up. Invest in high quality PDR tools during the early stage of your career and master the usage of each and every tool in your arsenal and you will definitely be one step closer to succeeding.

Don’t Give Up Success and failure are two opposing forces in all industries and this is something you will have to learn to accept before starting your career. At first, you may experience failures, but these failures will define your future successes. Remember,learning PDR is quite easy, but mastering it requires effort, patience and practice.

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