How to Get Started With Your Paintless Dent Repair Training

11 May 2013

Now that you are ready to start your PDR training, there are just a few things you must know in order to jump start your new career. Below are just some tips to enable you to complete your training successfully and monetise what you will learn about.

Getting Started

Once you have decided to learn and master PDR in Australia, it is time to get yourself admitted into a reputable Paintless Dent Removal training course. This is where your journey begins, but like all beginnings you must unlearn some of the things you think you know about paintless dent repair and master real information from a dent master who has been in the industry for a very long time. This is the time when you begin to invest more time in learning the craft and paying close attention to even the small details while training. PDR is more than fixing small dents and bumps on car doors and once you start training, you will understand this.

Not All PDR Training Courses Are Made Equal

True, you will end up doing the same tasks once you have finished your training, but keep this in mind: Learning is different from mastering. Some PDR training curriculum will promise you many things, but the truth is they will teach generic information about PDR that you can easily learn from many video sharing websites like YouTube.

Real, Valuable and Informative Paintless Removal Training is Hard to come by

Yes, you have read that correctly. This is why; we advise everyone who wishes to learn Paintless Dent Removal to go find training offered by Dent Masters with a proven track record. Here at The Dent Shop, we believe that paintless dent repair is an art that requires precision, skill and dedication. With this said, we make sure that all our training sessions are fully packed with unique and valuable information that will help our PDR trainees become PDR masters in their own accord, therefore giving them all the necessary informational resources to monetise what they learn from us.

Monetising your Investment

The good thing about the PDR training we offer here at The Dent Shop is that we will teach you how to monetise what you learn. Yes, we teach you about when you are ready, what to charge and how to get work. This means, your investments are not just for nothing. Through the training we offer, you'll know exactly what to do in business as well as learning the technicalities of how to push dents and glue pull and when to know which is best to use in a situation. These are just some of the things you'll learn. Our is exceptionally good at teaching and even better at repairing dents and teaching you how to repair dents and how to charge for them. Ready to start your PDR training? Start Here!

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