What to Look For in PDR Tools

8 June 2013

If you have been a PDR technician for a while now, you may already know that the quality of PDR tools you own is a direct reflection of the quality of work you do. Some of you may have even been tempted to buy or may even have purchased poorly made PDR tools. Most who are victims of buying these low quality tools were tempted to do so because they look at the price instead of quality. True, most low quality and knock off PDR tools are way cheaper compared to those that are manufactured by established and reputable PDR tool manufacturers in Australia and in the USA, but the truth is, these quality tools last for years and years of continued usage, unlike low quality tools that simply break or don’t have the strength to push against the panel properly so you can repair dents.

Is quality overrated?

If you ask most dent technicians about the importance in the quality of dent tools, they would almost always say the same thing – if you respect your line of work, you will only use high quality tools to complete your work. This article is written with one purpose in mind, to provide information on what to look for in PDR tools if you are shopping for some. Below are just some points you should look for when choosing your first or new set of PDR tools.

Things to Look For

Quality - Many upcoming PDR technicians might think that since they are just starting to learn the trade, a set of low quality tools would suffice, what most of them don’t understand is they are missing all of the advantages high quality tools can offer, including the tools having the correct strength and movement to successfully repair a dent. Quality tools make it easier and faster to repair dents, which means more time for you to repair more dents and make more money!

Materials Used – Another consideration to make is the type of materials the tools are made of. For most part, you should consider buying paintless dent removal tools that are made of the finest alloys that leave a steel finish and those made of spring steel.

Price – The saying “You get what you pay for” is true when it comes to PDR tools. If you buy cheap – expect low quality tools. It’s that simple. If you are spending a little more, you will get better quality tools that will last longer and do a better job. Do you research on the company you are purchasing from. Are they part of the PDR industry or just setting up a shop to make some money? You want people who actually know about paintless dent repair and can answer questions that you might have about the tools you need and want to buy. Another thing companies do is sell you massive kits with a million tools in it. You DO NOT need all of these tools! Before you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you aren’t just buying the most tools for your money, but that you actually get the best tools and the ones the you DO need for your money!

Choosing to buy your PDR tools from a reputable company is a personal choice. It is subjective, but if you are wise you’ll get your tools from companies which have been in the paintless dent removal business for a long time. This not only ensures that you get the highest quality of PDR tools, but also gives you the confidence that if ever have any problems or questions, you have someone to speak to regarding your tools and needs.

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