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1 June 2013

PDR training has evolved in many areas and sometimes in unconventional ways. Just a few weeks ago, I was searching online and discovered an “interactive” PDR training system. When I say interactive, I mean, the module will “train” you how to fix dents through an online platform. The unique thing about this training is it’s purely online. You will be taught how to fix a dent through computer software. In fact, that’s where you will repair your first dents. Yes, I was astounded when I first read this. When I first saw it I thought it was all new, but it has been around since 2007 and, I think some people have actually enrolled in their program. If you have heard of it or know anyone planning to take the course, I tell you, DO NOT DO IT!!

Like what I always say here, if you frequent this blog not all PDR training is the same. In fact, most PDR training out there are “so-so” at best. Training that has been slapped together by trainers looking to earn a few fast bucks and really aren’t that concerned with your quality of learning. Why am I saying this sternly and on what grounds? Let’s take this online interactive PDR training as an example. If you have been in the industry for some time now, or have done some GOOD research you will know that such training will not work, why? Because you have to get your hands dirty to actually learn PDR! Lighting also plays a major part in learning paintless dent repair. How can you learn PDR if you’re not practicing on the real thing? Of course, that software company may argue that they are providing trainees with the all the theory that need to be learn, but let me tell you that PDR skills are acquired through hands on practice. I mean if you read a book about becoming a millionaire and then play an iphone game about becoming a millionaire; does that mean you have become one in real life situations?? Or that you will be able to in a matter of days?? Of course not! The only way to become a good (and hopefully great) paintless dent repair technician is by handling PDR tools with your hands and looking at the dents face to metal (not through some online program that creates an artificial environment where it only involves some mouse clicking to fix a dent). No, the technologies available are not that advanced yet. It’s like teaching someone how to swim through some online interactive program!

Real Training Involves Getting Your Hands Dirty

For someone to learn PDR, he or she must be prepared to get his or hands dirty. Through the right PDR training, you will learn how to hold PDR tools appropriately, learn to adjust your lighting and properly “pop” (yes, I hate this work, as dents don’t pop – they are slowly and carefully massaged out individually) the dents back out.

Learn PDR from the Dent masters Themselves

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Take our dent training here at The Dent Shop and we’ll teach you how to fix dents and dings through demonstration and hands on interaction. We’ll even let you practice what you have learnt during the duration of your training, which is catered to all learning levels. Email us at sales@thedentshop.au for more information

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